Doodle 20 – Tribal Owl

Doodle 20 - Tribal Owl

Doodle 20 - Tribal Owl

doodle 20 rough

doodle 20 rough

A tribal owl as an homage to Watchmen which came out today.

I’ll clean it up on the computer tomorrow and mirror the other side.Done.


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8 Responses to “Doodle 20 – Tribal Owl”

  1. Salem Says:

    I wanted to know the source of the drawing – specifically who drew it. I really like the image and wanted to adapt a version of it to represent in a piece of art and am seeking permission from the creator. Due to the nature of changing media I intend to alter it some (can’t do curved lines precisely, so it would have a more angular appearance).

  2. Clyde Jones Says:

    I would like to contact you about using this image as a logo for a non profit organization or to use it as part of a design.

    • vonholdt Says:

      i’d certainly be interested. can you give me anymore information about the non-profit or how it would be used?

  3. Ole Says:

    I love that owl Wow, soo mush that i am gonna get it tattooed on my arm hope its okay really awsome art mate!

  4. Shane Says:

    I really like this design. I’m actually interested in adding it to a design and slightly modifying it if you’re okay with that. I’d like to print it on some apparel. Please let me know, and I can send you my modifications and hopefully we can work things out.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi. I would love to use your doodle as a design for my shirt printing and if it is okay with you if I’ll make it as our official band logo? :) [moved comment to other blog and removed e-mail address]

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