Doodle 35 – Tribal Wave

Doodle 35 - Tribal Wave

Doodle 35 - Tribal Wave

We’re thinking of going swimming today.  Maybe I should do a whole week of tribal stuff.


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31 Responses to “Doodle 35 – Tribal Wave”

  1. Instructor L. Hall-Valdez Says:

    Hello, I am really impressed with this wave and it actually fits my idea for a new logo for my organization. I will likely change it some and add my own touches to it and later we have plans of making tshirts and banners like the ones mentioned above to promote this new organization to the community. I respectfully want to make sure and run this by you first and of course get your blessing (permission) as the creator. Great drawing my friend. It hit me like an anvil when I saw it as it was exactly the inspiration I was looking for. Thank you in advance.

    • vonholdt Says:

      first, thank you very much for asking! i suppose if it’s for something non-profit i’d have no problem. i would love to see what you finally make of it.

  2. Mike Says:

    I hope you don’t mid but I’d like to use this for a soccer emblem I’m designing. It’s a design your own emblem contest for Top 11, a FB game.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I made a tattoo of this bro, nice wave

  4. Sean2.5 Says:

    brilliant design. could i tweak it a bit and slap in on my surfboard please?

  5. tribal wave designs – Item 2 | Vector Magz | Free Download Vector Graphics Says:

    […] page for download instructions All the vector mentioned are the property of their respective owners Download Views […]

  6. Dawn Bryant Says:

    I love your wave, you have real talent. I would like permission to make a few changes and use this wave in my logo. I do not want to break any copyright infringement laws.
    Thank you

  7. C. Says:

    Hello! LOVE your Tribal Wave! I was wondering if an elementary children’s team of four students for FLL could use this on their t-shirts? Thank You!

  8. C. Says:

    Fantastic!! Thank You!!

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