Doodle 146 – Silly Faces

Doodle 146 - Silly Faces

Doodle 146 - Silly Faces

I said at work once that we should use Mighty Muggs as our going away gift, since pretty much everyone in the office is a huge nerd.  It’s even been on the blog before.  We’re going to start doing it so I thought I’d start doodling up simple faces that can be painted on the individuals mugg (guess who gets to paint them all?).  I think I’ll definitely get the far right one on the second row.

Sadly, I lost a close friend today.  My sketchpad ran out of it’s last piece of paper and I haven’t been able to find a replacement yet.  It was just the perfect size, almost all my doodles are drawn on half of one sheet (5″x6″).



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