Doodle 185 – Seat Belt Drama

Doodle 185 - Seatbelt Drama

Doodle 185 - Seat belt Drama

Our little family had a major milestone today!  Our youngest son seems to have completely abandoned his long waged attempts to convince us that he needs help with his seat belt.  Instead of the normal “I can’t”, “It’s stuck”, “It’s too hard” lobbying, he buckled that sucker up seven or eight times today.  Not so much as a peep from him, though with much hoopla from Mom and Dad.  That’s one more pain in the rumpous down!  w00t!


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2 Responses to “Doodle 185 – Seat Belt Drama”

  1. antsketch Says:

    Like the way you construct your drawings and I like the way you leave the construction lines in the postings. Sort of adds a bit of dynamism and life – although your drawings have that anyway.

    • vonholdt Says:

      Thanks a lot Anthony! Though I must admit a good motivator to leave the underdrawing is not wanting to take the time to erase it. I have actually been to your blog a few of times and really appreciate your form and how you capture the moment.

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