Doodle 225 – Front Porch

Doodle 225 - Front Porch

Doodle 225 - Front Porch

I was sitting outside letting the dog out and thought I’d doodle a little porch scene, which is odd, since I never seem to draw any backgrounds for my doodles.  I hope we have a quiet little place like this someday.

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2 Responses to “Doodle 225 – Front Porch”

  1. Mel Milton Says:

    fresh baked pie coolin on the window sill? Doesnt get any better than that

    I have a new found respect fo you and your doodle a day. Truly inspirational Sir

    • vonholdt Says:

      thanks a lot Mel! I’ve been amazed at the variety of things you’ve sketched over the last two months, which has influenced quite a few of the things I’ve doodled. Your work is always awesome!

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