Doodle 260 – Wooden Heart

Doodle 260 - Wooden Heart

Doodle 260 - Wooden Heart

doodle 260 sketch

doodle 260 sketch

For my last Elvis song title inspired doodle I choose the song “Wooden Heart,” which made me think of this tree out in the woods by our old house the boys and I had found.  It seems a bunch of young lovers carved in their initials a long time ago and the tree has grown quite a bit since.  We went for a walk and found the tree again to take some pictures.

carved tree

carved tree

Some of those are a good 30-40 feet up.


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2 Responses to “Doodle 260 – Wooden Heart”

  1. DoodleAtWork Says:

    Nice :)

    with what program did u color it up :?


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