Doodle 277 – Boba Fett

Doodle 277 - Boba Fett

doodle 277 inkscape vector

I was trying to figure out what to draw today and I looked over at my Boba bobble-head and the decision was made for me.  I decided not to use any lines or gradient coloring and to rely on simple shapes.  I think it came out pretty good, but I fiddled with it for about an hour more then I should have in The Gimp.  Darn compulsive anal-retentiveness.


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5 Responses to “Doodle 277 – Boba Fett”

  1. MuddyParasol Says:

    I love this one of Boba Fett! It jumps right out at you. This is my favorite of your doodles so far.

  2. swsquadleadr327 Says:

    this is awesome! gotta love Boba Fett and this doodle is amazing! nice job :]

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