Doodle 373 – Our Baby Girl

Doodle 373 - Our Baby Girl

This is a hard post to write because we had to put our baby girl to sleep today.  She hadn’t been feeling well for sometime and after many visits to our normal vet, I took her into an animal hospital late last night.  They had some bad news for us, so we spent some time with her and stayed with her as she passed.  We love you Chubbs and we all miss you already.


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2 Responses to “Doodle 373 – Our Baby Girl”

  1. Ev Says:

    StumbledUpon your jQuery Sliding Clock – which is really fun. Followed it to your blog and tried your browser sketchpad — mouse too sticky but fun concept. Started reading your blog — so sad about your Chubbs. They really steal your heart, don’t they. Just wanted to let you know there are people sending quiet calming thoughts to you and yours. My thoughts are with you. -es

    • vonholdt Says:

      well, thank you, we do miss her but are happy that she’s not suffering. glad you liked my clock too, i’m amazed that so many people have checked it out.

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