Doodle 456 – Movie GUI

Doodle 456 - Movie GUI

Some time ago I built a Tcl/Tk GUI for our boy’s computer so they can play movies off the old server.  Well, after a severe drive failure I got a new server about a year ago but I changed how the movies were organized in the folders which made that GUI defunct.  Today I finally got around to recoding it to work with the new server and nested folders, as well as spiff it up a little bit.

Basically (nerd hat on), it indexes the folders that contains our family movies, writes the movies to an array, and then dynamically builds the GUI based on a predefined number of rows and columns.  Once it runs out of space for movies, it sets up the Next and Back buttons to “page” through the rest of the movies.  The kids just find one they want, click on the picture, then it launches the movie in full screen and exits.


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