Doodle 481 – Worm in Sheeps Clothing

Doodle 481 - Worm in Sheep's Clothing

In what I must imagine was quite the nerdy computer security discussion today, I believe I uttered the phrase “Worm in Sheep’s Clothing” which led to this silly doodle.

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5 Responses to “Doodle 481 – Worm in Sheeps Clothing”

  1. quentin Says:

    hahaha, that’s crazy! But i kinda like it, hahahha

  2. winnie45 Says:

    hahaha, can’t stop laughting! XD XD

  3. aliyah Says:


  4. dfishmen Says:

    omg :)

  5. walter Says:

    no comment :-) ;-)

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