Doodle 487 – Bye Bye Training Wheels

Doodle 487 - Bye Bye Training Wheels

Today, we took the training wheels of our youngest’s bike and he was off and running after only 2-3 tries.  He’s pretty fearless, so I’m sure he’ll be screaming up and down the street in no time.

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5 Responses to “Doodle 487 – Bye Bye Training Wheels”

  1. twight Says:

    hehehe, we have all been through the same sort of situation, haven’t we? That’s the only way to learn :D

  2. aliyah Says:

    Aww, training wheels… I remember our family had a them when I was young. I think we passed them to our friends when we didn’t need them anymore. Who knows where are those wheels now…

    BTW, how old is you little boy?

  3. roof Says:

    The old-style training wheels (I used to have) were great training aids, because they only assited you when the bike was leaning. Otherwise they were not contacting the ground. Which is good, because this way the child learns how to NOT need any assitance from the training wheels.

    • vonholdt Says:

      my oldest had that problem with the always on the ground training wheels. as soon as we took them off, he just wanted to tip over, but he figured it out pretty quickly.

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