Doodle 528 – Chicken Little

Doodle 528 - Chicken Little

At the beginning of the month palop asked me to doodle up the ending of chicken little from the classic story book, where Foxy Loxy ends up eating the whole group of birds, except for Chicken Little, who gets away.  I contemplated having one of the aliens from the Disney movie peeking out from behind the bushes, but decided not to.  I probably should have put the characters in bonnets or coats or something.


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6 Responses to “Doodle 528 – Chicken Little”

  1. rach Says:

    hehe, i totally love it. I remember this book, i used to have it at home too, but mine had happy end with all birds escaping the fox. But I saw some versions with less happy endings in book shops as well…

    • vonholdt Says:

      i wonder if the watering down of those old stories makes them less effective at teaching kids object lessons?

  2. aliyah Says:

    This fox looks like he still have some space in his tummy…Run, Chicken Little, run! :D

  3. palop Says:

    Woooow, thanks so much! You did a terrific job, better than I expected! Great!

  4. g19 Says:

    well… that should teach those birds not to trust Foxy Loxy again!

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