Doodle 547 – Gorilla(Brushpen)

Doodle 547 - Gorilla(Brushpen)

We watched Old Dogs as a family tonight, which the boys thought was pretty funny, and I loved the Gorilla scenes with Seth Green so I busted out the Brushpen and doodled up a little Gorilla face.  I like it best from about 10 feet away…

I also asked our friend Dave to do a little guest doodle, so he came up with this funny idea of Bob Ross and a not-so-happy not-so-little tree.

Dave's Bob Ross


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8 Responses to “Doodle 547 – Gorilla(Brushpen)”

  1. quant Says:

    woooow, great job with gorilla!

  2. Viciously Sweet Says:

    Oh my gosh that Bob Ross drawing is hilarious.

  3. MuddyParasol Says:

    I love that gorilla!

  4. Tyler Fegley Says:

    I really like that Bob Ross drawing! Is that an original idea from your friend Dave?

    • vonholdt Says:

      yeah, it was pretty hilarious when he showed it to me! he was visiting for a few days and decided to draw one or two things.

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