Doodle 582 – Eve Fast Paint

Doodle 582 - Eve Fast Paint

The Disney channel had Wall-E on the other night and I recorded it, so I sat down and watched it with the boys after we got back from the park and a really long walk.


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2 Responses to “Doodle 582 – Eve Fast Paint”

  1. Grey Says:

    Really very cool. You’ve seen some of my work so you know that I too am an artist. Or at least have the nerve to try to be one. Either way, I stopped a very long time ago because of a teacher who insisted I work in her style instead of my own. Long story short, I got back into it, but school has cut my time in more than half.

    The point is that this site has inspired me to draw SOMETHING at least, even if I’m not working on a 6 month long time consuming project. In some capacity, I intend on implementing original art into my own blog- thanks to you- and just wanted to let you know. Take care ~DG

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