Doodle 639 – Day 1 Driving

Doodle 639 - Day 1 Driving

So we started off this morning from central Maryland and got all the way to Peoria IL before deciding to call it quits for the day.  The first two hours were a little rough on the old girl with the combination of having a substantial amount of gasoline of questionable age/quality still in the tank and climbing quite a few big hills in northern Maryland and Pennsylvania.  But after the first few hours, she really seemed to work out all the kinks and found a sweet spot running around 65-70 down the highway.  Being a nerd, here’s some stats extrapolated from our gas receipts and the map above.

  • Leg 1: Maryland to Breezewood PA (123 miles, 8.157 Gallons, 15.08 MPG)
  • Leg 2: Breezewood to Cambridge OH (209 Miles, 10.251 Gallons, 20.39 MPG)
  • Leg 3: Cambridge to Brownsville IN (274 Miles, 15.8 Gallons, 17.34 MPG)
  • Leg 4: Brownsville to Peoria IL (194 Miles, 10.1 Gallons, 19.21 MPG)

Not bad for a 25 year old, carbeurated V-8!


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