Doodle 640 – Day 2 Driving


Doodle 640 - Day 2 Driving

Today we had a lot less miles to get though before getting home, but we planned on stopping in Mount Pleasant IA to see the Printer’s Hall my dad has been working so hard on the last few years at the Old Threshers fair grounds.  I was amazed at all the great presses and other equipment they have been able to amass from donations, and the amazing things that they get to do with them each year.  We also got the check out all the steam engines that had been parked and cleaned out for the winter.  The sun never really came out today and the heater in my truck couldn’t quite keep up with the draftiness that she’s developed with age.  It was a pretty cold drive preety much the whole day.

More Stats:

  • Leg 1: Peoria IL to Mount Pleasant IA (126 Miles)
  • Leg 2: Mount Pleasant to Amana IA (68 Miles, 13.42 Gallons, 14.45 MPG)
  • Leg 3: Amana IA to Home (118 Miles)

She made it all the way and deserves a good rest.  That’s my girl!


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