Doodle 769 – Broke Bluray

Doodle 769 – Broke Bluray

We thought we’d give one of the entry level Bluray players a try, mostly to have Netflix on something other then the Wii.  We definitely didn’t expect blistering performance, but I at least expected it to be able to perform the basic functions it was designed for.  Unfortunately, the model we tried, once a DVD or Bluray had been viewed, would overlay video artifacts of the disc on top of any Netflix stream (even if the disc had been removed and the machine had been powered on and off.  The only solution was to unplug it, which can only be done at the end of the cord, since it doesn’t unplug at the back of the unit.  Not keeping it, which is sad since we’ve been very happy with other products from this company.

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2 Responses to “Doodle 769 – Broke Bluray”

  1. Cyber Fox Says:

    get a PS3, it plays blu-ray

    • vonholdt Says:

      true but I’m exceedingly cheap. we ended up getting another entry level one ($100ish) that’s worked like a charm so far.

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