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Doodle 791 – Hershey’s Cow

April 16, 2011

doodle 791 - hersey's cow

This weekend we started a two week vacation for Spring break by heading to Hershey Pennsylvania and visiting Chocolate World.


Doodle 790 – Frankenstein

April 15, 2011

doodle 790 - frank

Sometimes I just start with a few random lines and today it ended up as Frankenstein.

Doodle 789 – Apple Head Test

April 14, 2011

doodle 789 - apple head test

A friend of mine asked my to draw a family of people with apples for heads, which I have been really bad about not getting done for him.  This was some tests I did tonight, none of which I’m really happy with, but it gives me a few ideas.

Doodle 788 – Underwear Tester

April 12, 2011

doodle 788 - underwear tester

I thought that really expensive underwear must be put through it’s paces to make sure it ready to be sold.  Certainly there’s some robot out there right now performing this vital service.

Doodle 787 – Meeting Doodle Kevin

April 12, 2011

doodle 787 - meeting doodle kevin

This is another one of my Tuesday meeting doodle, and I thought it looked kind of like the mother bird “Kevin” from Pixar’s Up.

Doodle 786 – Long Day

April 11, 2011

doodle 786 - long day

I ended up not getting home from work until pretty late today.  Barely had the will to doodle…

Doodle 785 – Bearded Koi

April 10, 2011

doodle 785 - Bearded Koi

This was for a guy at work, based half on his last name and half on the awesome Honest Abe beard he has.

Doodle 784 – Gobber

April 9, 2011

doodle 784 - gobber

Today we watched How To Train Your Dragon, which has to be one of my favorite movies to come out in the last few years.  I thought I’d doodle Gobber since I’ve drawn Toothless quite a few times.

Doodle 783 – Hobo Ninja

April 8, 2011

doodle 783 - hobo ninja

Today when I got home from a long day at work, I was lounging around in my work clothes for most of the night.  My oldest thought that was unacceptable, and asked if I thought I was some kind of Hobo Ninja?  Really?

Doodle 782 – Rabies Kitty

April 7, 2011

doodle 782 - rabies kitty

Our friend Tanya was apparently attacked on her lunch break by some stray cat and had to go get a rabies shot.  Perhaps the cat looked like this doodle, but it probably looked more like this picture we posted to her facebook page.

Doodle 781 – No Free Tacos

April 6, 2011

doodle 781 - no free tacos

This is a joke with a guy from work who never seems to pay for his tacos…

Doodle 780 – Thrift Shop

April 5, 2011

doodle 780 - thrift shop

I have to go into work late tonight, so I got to spend the day with the wife after we put the boys on the bus.  We decided to head over to the local thrift shop were I scored an almost complete Star Wars Galactic Heroes cinema scene, and an eletronic/credit card Monopoly game!

Doodle 779 – Banjo Pig

April 4, 2011

Doodle 779 - Banjo Pig

There an awesome blog out there where people all submit their different version of pig playing banjos.  I’ve run across it several times and finally decided to give it a shot.

Banjo Pig sketch

Doodle 778 – Baby Eagles

April 3, 2011

Doodle 778 - Baby Eagles

If you haven’t seen it yet, a pair of baby Bald Eagles hatched this weekend in Iowa and their nest is on a ustream feed so you can watch the little guys whenever you want.  We ended up putting the stream in PIP most of the day, and whenever they were doing something interesting, we’d flip over.

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