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Doodle 836 – Sticky Squidhair

May 31, 2011

doodle 836 - sticky squid hair

Recently I’ve taken to carrying around a little sticky pad to take advantage of doodling opportunities that don’t quite warrant breaking out the sketchbook.  This one, well I have no explanation for, it just sort of happened.

Doodle 835 – Memorial Day 2011

May 30, 2011

doodle 835 - Memorial Day 2011

Today is Memorial day, a time to remember all the brave people who’ve given their lives so that we can live ours.

Doodle 834 – Baby Po

May 29, 2011

doodle 834 - baby po

Today we went with our visiting friends to see Kung-fu Pand 2, which was just as awesome and beautiful as the first one.  They go into Po’s origin story in the movie so I thought I’d doodle up a little baby Po.

Doodle 833 – Roxy

May 28, 2011

doodle 833 - roxy

We have some friends visiting us for the Memorial day weekend, and they brought along their little Min-Pin Roxy.  She is the cutest little thing and the boys are quite smitten with her.

Doodle 832 – Cowboy Clown

May 27, 2011

doodle 832 - cowboy clown

Another random doodling that turned into something.  This cowboy is cool character though, note the straw, that means cool…

Doodle 831 – Type Writer

May 26, 2011

doodle 831 - type writer

This is an homage to my dad, the proprietor of The Foolproof Press.  I was trying for a wood type look, but didn’t quite get it 100% where I wanted it.

Doodle 830 – Boba Card 3

May 25, 2011

doodle 830 - boba card 3

This was the final boba fett card for our friend’s son’s birthday.  I sure hope he likes them, here’s how they all look in the frame.


Doodle 829 – Boba Card 2

May 24, 2011

doodle 829 - boba card 2

Since I started with the easiest card yesterday, I had to get the most detailed one done tonight.  Man these cards a little, had to rock the reading glasses to get this one done.

Doodle 828 – Boba Card 1

May 23, 2011

doodle 828 - boba card 1

Tonight I thought I would start with the easiest of the three cards I need to do for our friend’s son.  Just the symbol from Boba Fett’s shoulder.

Doodle 827 – May Day

May 22, 2011

doodle 827 - May Day

In our family, May is a month filled with birthdays, anniversaries, and mother’s day, so here’s a doodle for all of that.

That stray line on the A is Jeremy Clarkson’s fault, for saying something hilarious on Top Gear while I was drawing this.

Doodle 826 – Decals

May 21, 2011

doodle 826 - decals

One my son’s friend’s mom has an enormous vinyl cutter for her home business business, and I’ve been thinking about getting some decals that I can slap on various things, so I did this up in inkscape real quick to see how may times I can repeat it.

Doodle 825 – Still Nothing

May 20, 2011

doodle 825 - still nothing

Today I was hoping to get some resolution to all the craziness of yesterday, some answers.  Alas, it looks like we’ll have to wait another month before we find out anything concrete.  yay…

Doodle 824 – Too Much to Juggle

May 19, 2011

Doodle 824 - Too Much to Juggle

We’ve been doing a lot of juggling lately, waiting on a few things to fall in place to figure out if we’re going to move or not this summer.  Today we were supposed to find out about one of the bigger things, but instead of finding out any answers, we just got a whole bunch more questions, and we know even less now.  yay…

Doodle 823 – Philli Fieldtrip

May 18, 2011

doodle 823 - Philli Fieldtrip

Today I chaperoned my son’s 5th grade fieldtrip to Phillidelphia to see all the historic sites downtown.  We had a scheduling debacle with the bus not showing up early enough, so the whole day was a little rushed, but still really cool seeing the birthplace of our country.

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