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Doodle 897 – Dry Erase Crayons

July 31, 2011

doodle 897 - Dry Erase Crayon

I saw a commercial for the coolest thing today, dry erase crayons!  I have to get some of them and try them out.

Doodle 896 – Bass Player

July 30, 2011

doodle 896 - Bass Player

This bass player funny skit from “The Kids in the Hall” popped in my head today, so I had to doodle it.  “He’s playing so sweet, I’m getting chubby.”

Doodle 895 – Flowchart

July 29, 2011

doodle 895 - Flowchart

Today I’m finishing up a week-long training course that featured lots of flowcharts and bullet lists.  This was my last day homage to the white board madness.

Doodle 894 – Caveman Cowboy

July 28, 2011

doodle 894 - Caveman Cowboy

Another doodle on an old matting scrap.  This one started out as a little captain cavemanish, and then I just threw some cowboy stuff on him.  I really enjoyed the enormous hat!

Doodle 893 – Random Line Girl

July 27, 2011

doodle 893 - Random Line Girl

For this doodle, I just swished a bunch of random lines on the sticky and then tried to “find” something in them.  I ended up finding this girl…

Doodle 892 – Tall Troll

July 26, 2011

doodle 892 - Tall Troll

I had this piece of scrap paper from a matting project I did a while back and thought I’d doodle something on it.  I liked how the troll looked with just the pencil so I decided not to ink it.

Doodle 891 – Water Bending

July 25, 2011

doodle 891 - Water Bending

Today I heard that they showed a trailer for a brand new Avatar series from Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.  This is awesome news since the first series was so great and just got better towards the end, and the movie from M. Night Shyamalan was soooooooooo horrible.  The new series is going to fall 70 years after the original ended and follow the new Avatar, a water bender named Korra.  I can’t wait!

Doodle 890 – Bert Burning

July 24, 2011

doodle 890 - Bert Burning

I got a request from Cyberfox to draw Bert Raccoon torching some of  the current era cartoons that has led to a decline in the Canadian cartoon industry.  I hope he likes how this came out.

doodle 890 sketch

Doodle 889 – Angry Plant Birds vs Zombie Pigs

July 23, 2011

doodle 889 - Angry Plant Birds vs Zombie Pigs

My nephew asked me to doodle a mash-up of Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies, so I hope he likes how this came out.  I’ll have to find time to color it up for him later.

Doodle 888 – Brush Pen Hotrod

July 22, 2011

doodle 888 - Brush Pen Hotrod

Today I decided to get out the old brush pen and draw something with it.  I finally decided on an old 30’s hotrod and I really like how it came out.  It always the happy little accidents that come out of using the pen that I like the best.

Doodle 887 – Grumpster

July 21, 2011

doodle 887 - Grumpster

This is not a very happy dude, but I suppose we all feel like that every once in a while.  He just needs some sleep, then I’m sure he’ll feel better.

Doodle 886 – Salesman

July 20, 2011

doodle 886 - Salesman

Not sure where this guy came from, but I felt some urge to draw a used car salesman looking fellow.  I might buy a car from him?

Doodle 885 – Cat and Mouse Game

July 19, 2011

doodle 885 - Cat and Mouse Game

My apologies for the horrible pun…

Doodle 884 – Pool Monster

July 18, 2011

doodle 884 - Pool Monster

I actually got home from work at a reasonable time today so we all headed to the pool and had dinner there.  We were all exhausted by the time we got home, so this is all I could muster.

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