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Doodle 869 – Tux Icon

July 3, 2011

doodle 869 - Tux Icon

Someone at work asked me to sketch up an introspective Tux for a icon idea they had so this is what I came up with.  It still needs a little work, but I’ll get it drawn up and colored in Inkscape at some point.

Doodle 868 – Spy Mator

July 2, 2011

doodle 868 - Spy Mator

On the first day back home from the class and the boys home from Iowa, we decided to go watch the new Cars 2 movie, which was really good.  I was a little surprised how violent it was, though I suppose I should have suspected that for a spy movie.

Doodle 867 – Spun Sugar

July 1, 2011

doodle 867 - Spun Sugar

So if Taz were to have a job, maybe he would be the cotton candy guy at the fairs.  He could just start spinning and they can squirt the sugar at him.

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