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Doodle 928 – 200,000

August 31, 2011

doodle 928 - 200,000

Today this blog went over 200,000 visits, which is surprising and I feel very undeserved.  But I really appreciate anyone who has or will ever stop by, and I hope you enjoy what you find.  This is a pretty sweet way to finish out the month!

Doodle 927 – Bats

August 30, 2011

doodle 927 - bats

I was just playing around with a mypaint brush today that made these cool looking lines between points.  The first few lines I laid down reminded my of ol’ Bats cowl, so I just ran with it.

Doodle 926 – Filagree

August 29, 2011

doodle 926 - Filagree

I wanted to do something symmetrical so I thought I’d take a stab at some filagree with mypaint.  The pressure sensitivity made it pretty fun to draw one side, and then I just mirrored it.

Doodle 925 – Wave

August 28, 2011

doodle 925 - Wave

I was kind of digging the fluidity of the hurricane I drew yesterday, so I started messing around tonight and came up with this crashing wave.  We were also watching “Soul Surfer” so I imagine that played a part in the choice.  Very good movie.

Doodle 924 – Hurricane

August 27, 2011

doodle 924 - Hurricane

I suppose 1 natural disaster for the week wasn’t enough so today we were visited by Irene.  Luckly we only lost power for about an hour (even before the worst of the wind), though a lot of people in the area weren’t as lucky.

Doodle 923 – Steggy Makes a Friend

August 26, 2011

doodle 923 - Steggy Makes a Friend

Last cute dinosaur I promise.

Doodle 922 – Ankle Drum

August 25, 2011

doodle 922 - Ankle Drum

More cute dinosaurs.  I thought I’d try to put the ankylosaurus’ club tail to good use.

Doodle 921 – Dentist

August 24, 2011

doodle 921 - dentist

You know, there’s nothing better than working all night long and only getting to sleep for a few hours before voluntarily getting your mouth attacked.  In all fairness, my dentist today was really good, I was just grumpy, tired, and had a headache.  Hopefully I was still a good patient.

Doodle 920 – Earthquake

August 23, 2011

doodle 920 - Earthquake

After working a night shift, I slept for a few hours and woke up just a few minutes before a very unexpected east coast earthquake.  So as calmly as we could, we decided to get everyone out of the house, while I hurried to find some pants.  Then the news did a fabulous job of blathering on for almost an hour about the reaction in large cities hundreds of miles away before ever thinking of getting a hold of someone close to the epicenter.  Way to go news networks!

Doodle 919 – Loose Tooth

August 22, 2011

doodle 919 - Loose Tooth

Tonight our youngest little man finally wiggled free his loose front tooth, which had been mysteriously suspended to his gums by an unidentifiable force.  Now the tooth parents will have to cough up a couple of bucks I suppose.

Doodle 918 – So…

August 21, 2011

doodle 918 - So...

So, lately I’ve been noticing how most everything I say begins with the word “so” followed by a sufficient pause to compile and extrapolate an appropriate response to whatever was said.  It’s quite annoying, I assure you.

Doodle 917 – Liberty Cowbell

August 20, 2011

doodle 917 - Liberty Cowbell

This was a quasi-random doodle, based mainly off the cowbell portion of that massive medallion thing I did a few days ago.  I can only hope this would make Bruce Dickenson proud.

Doodle 916 – Fancy Dinner

August 19, 2011

doodle 916 - Fancy Dinner

Tonight I had to go to this fancy dinner, so fancy that it was cost prohibitive to turn it into date night with the wife.  I ordered the London broil with tasted fantastic, but didn’t agree with my stomach a few hours later.

Doodle 915 – Puppy Bot

August 18, 2011

doodle 915 - Puppy Bot

This was brought on by the new commercials for the inexpensive robot daycare.  This is a dog walking bot, with built-in pooper-scooper.

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