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Doodle 944 – Aang

September 16, 2011

doodle 944 - Aang

Didn’t really have much ideas for a doodle, tonight so this scared Aang just kind of happened.  I can’t wait for the new Avatar show to come out!!!

Doodle 943 – Random Line Cobbler

September 15, 2011

doodle 943 - Random Lines Cobbler

This was another random line doodle.  I just scratched out a bunch of squiggles, and then tried to find something in the lines.  I thought it looked like a elven shoe maker, hence the cobbler name.

Doodle 942 – Pocket Knife

September 14, 2011

doodle 942 - Pocket Knife

For the last few days our 11 year old has been trying to sharpen sticks out in the woods on rocks and such, so I thought it was time to get him a respectable pocket knife.  We went to the store, picked out a good starter knife, and discussed all about knife safety and handling.  Now on to whittling.

Doodle 941 – Donut Bandit

September 13, 2011

doodle 941 - Donut Bandit

One of the boys has been on this kick lately of drawing healthy food characters (carrots, celery, etc.) beating up a donut character.  I thought I’d scribble up something along those lines so here’s my striped donut stealing some sprinkle loot.

Doodle 940 – Buggy Messages

September 12, 2011

doodle 940 - buggy messages

The buggy we built yesterday was employed all night tonight by our young one, delivering notes from the hall way.  A couple of times it made it’s way under the bed, and I had to help retrieve it while pretending not to see the note.

Doodle 939 – LEGO Buggy

September 11, 2011

doodle 939 - LEGO buggy

After work today I busted out the LEGO Technics and built a little motorized buggy with my younger son.  He demanded that we incorporated all the powered parts I had so it was even equipped with lights.  Lets see how long it survives.

Doodle 938 – Real Steel

September 10, 2011

doodle 938 - real steel

So after the last few days of hearing the Real Steel commercials during some of the kids shows, I had an evening with a little free time, and I thought I’d go and see the movie.  Well, those commercials were lacking the normal narrated “In theaters Oct 7th” at the end so I incorrectly assumed it was released.  Guess I have to wait a few more weeks.

Doodle 937 – The Duelist

September 9, 2011

doodle 937 - the duelist

The new Thundercats show on Cartoon Network had an interesting character tonight called The Duelist.  He wandered around challenging great swordsman, and collecting their prized weapons as trophies of his victories.  I thought he was worth a doodle…

Doodle 934 – Running Club

September 6, 2011

doodle 934 - Running Club

I was asked by a local running club to come up with a logo for them based off their asian dragon mascot, so this was the initial sketch I doodled to see if they liked it.  I’ll have to work on the final image another day.

Doodle 933 – Quick Face

September 5, 2011

doodle 933 - quick face

Tonight our 7 year old wanted to try and draw on the computer like I do, so this is a little doodle I did while showing him how to use the stylus and mypaint.  He ended up drawing a whole bunch of stuff, but was the proudest of “the best arm he’s ever drawn.”  Nice job little man.

g arm

Doodle 932 – Beach

September 4, 2011

doodle 932 - beach

Today the whole family and friends headed down to the beach to enjoy the beautiful day and search for shark’s teeth.  Check and check!

Doodle 931 – Monsters

September 3, 2011

dave's frank

I asked Dave to doodle up something for the blog and he came up with this in mypaint.  I don’t think he’s used a tablet before so I assume it was as weird an experience as when I first started playing with one.  I thought I’d continue the theme and ended up drawing an emo wolfteen.  Please no Twilight comments, never seen/read them, never will.

doodle 931 - emo wolf boy

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