Doodle 1004 – LEGO Rubberband Guns

LEGO Rubberband gun v2.0

For some reason I’ve been playing around with our LEGO Technics quite a bit lately and built a bunch of different rubberband guns over the past few days.  The one above was a good attempt, but them I started getting a little crazy with gear reduction.

Version 3.0

LEGO Rubberband gun v3.0

This one has a firing ratio of 4/3 (20 positions on loading gear, 15 trigger pulls for 1 complete revolution)

LEGO Rubberband gun v3.0 mechanism

 Version 4.0

LEGO Rubberband gun v4.0

This gun has a firing ratio of 8/9 (8 positions on the loading gear, 9 trigger pulls for 1 revolution)

LEGO Rubberband gun v4.0 mechanism

Version 5.0

LEGO Rubberband gun v5.0

Finally, this one has a firing ratio of 1/1, though it took an excessive amount of gearing to get there.

LEGO Rubberband gun v5.0 mechanism

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4 Responses to “Doodle 1004 – LEGO Rubberband Guns”

  1. Brett W. ( Says:

    Interesting that I was looking for cartoon gnomes and found this! My buddy and I just built the Parabella gun from the Badass Lego Guns book. We’ve been working on modifying them too. Very cool designs you have here! I like the trigger mechanism (pull – release) and how it interacts with the letting go of the rubber bands through a gear reduction.

    • vonholdt Says:

      thanks man, i always seem to be making weapons with Technics every few months. You have a really cool blog, i’ll definitely have to drop by the next time i have a random soldering adventure.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hello this needs some videos man you have to heelp

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ou really need to step up your game

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