Doodle 1013 – Mayfly

Doodle 1013 - Mayfly

We’ve been getting more and more mayflies at the house lately, but when we looked up information about them, we found out they only live in there adult state for around 1 day.  That sucks…  Well buzz away little guys, enjoy your day.


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2 Responses to “Doodle 1013 – Mayfly”

  1. doodlepack Says:

    My last few years of little league we had lights installed. Little did anyone know that was going to attract 1000s of mayflies. We never had a problem with them before or even knew they existed in our parts. But when we’d play night games they’d fly around the lights and because of their short lifespan they’d plymmit to the ground. They were on the field and in the stands. It was always quite a scene.

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