Doodle 1022 – Woobly Ninja II

Doodle 1022 - Wobbly Ninja II

Today I decided to update my wobbly ninja, which is a really fun/loose way to draw something.  I basically draw very simple geometric shapes in inkscape (below), then select all the points in the shape and force them to be curves instead of sharp corners.  The fun part is not allowing myself to make any little adjustments, and just let the results be what they are.

Wobbly Ninja original lines

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One Response to “Doodle 1022 – Woobly Ninja II”

  1. Wobbly Ninja Returns | vonholdt Says:

    […] I decided on a whim to bring back my wobbly ninja ( here & here) for another doodle.  It actually a pretty fun way to draw something, starting with sharp angled […]

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