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Final Post

May 21, 2012

When I started this blog I thought I would set myself a challenge, to draw something every day.  It motivated me, inspired me, and forced me to learn and refine skills I would have otherwise left unused.  It was a great joy to myself and hopefully others, to see the things that I could create; often based on the days events, people’s request and sometimes just pure whimsy.

But, there’s a problem with starting a blog called “Doodle-A-Day.”  At some point, the responsibilities of life become too much to keep it going.  A year passed and I was running full stride, two years and it became more of a “let’s see how long I can keep this up.”  I found that after taking a hiatus for moving, buying a new home, commuting, helping the boys with homework, and getting stuff done around the house; the time I had left for doodling many times yielded things that frankly weren’t worth posting.  It became a burden, and multiple times led to getting weeks, if not months behind on my posting.  How I envy artists who make a living from their craft instead of it just being a hobby.

So with no regret, but a little bit of sadness, I’m going to have to call it quits.  I’m moving over to the blog that I never much used and plan on posting all my future work there (much less frequently).  Maybe being able to spend more than a single day on something will be as refreshing as drawing something new each day once was.

It’s like I’m moving a few towns away, I won’t visit as often, but hopefully when I do, it will be more meaningful.  I’m deeply thankful for everyone who has ever stopped by, left a comment, or enjoyed some of the work I’ve done.  Thanks especially to those that subscribed and my family for their support and ideas.  It’s been a lot of fun!

Update:  As promised here’s a few doodles from the past few months

texas twister


Two of the most memorable moments were the night I had to work, but needed to wait until the Tornado crossed between our house and town.  We also lost both our rats in March.  Piglet was the first to pass, which we had expected with her age.  Sniffles passed the next week, even with all the attention we gave her, we’re pretty sure she was heart-broken to be alone.

1930’s mickey


On a few trips to the local Half-Priced-Books store I scored “Art of Animation” by Bob Thomas that chronicles Disney’s early career all the way through the production of Hercules.  I also finally found a copy of “The Illusion of Life” by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.  I’ve been looking for that book for years!


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