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Doodle 1016 – Money Bags

March 6, 2012

Doodle 1016 - Money Bags

Our youngest son is constantly trying to get someone in the family to play Monopoly with him, but the rest of us honestly dislike that game.  He couldn’t even convince Aunt Cassy…  This is just a doodle of a modern day real-estate capitalist running from his investors.

Doodle 1003 – Kung Fu Panda 2 DVD

December 16, 2011

Doodle 1003 - Kung Fu Panda 2 DVD

Tonight for our Friday night move we’re going to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 so I sketched this panda up while I was on hold on the phone at work.  We also caught the Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special that was on tv this earlier this week.

Doodle 951 – Rio

September 23, 2011

doodle 951 - Rio

This weekend we rented the Rio Wii game for the boys, which is just a huge collection of mini games that had them bouncing off the walls tonight.

Doodle 889 – Angry Plant Birds vs Zombie Pigs

July 23, 2011

doodle 889 - Angry Plant Birds vs Zombie Pigs

My nephew asked me to doodle a mash-up of Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies, so I hope he likes how this came out.  I’ll have to find time to color it up for him later.

Doodle 818 – Uno Attack

May 13, 2011

doodle 818 - Uno Attack

My wife’s parents are in town visiting so we all sat down for a nice game of Uno Attack.  Nice, except for the fact that the little card spitting monster hates me, and I always got way more cards, way more often then everyone else.

Doodle 760 – Pixel Junk Monsters

March 16, 2011

Doodle 760 - Pixel Junk Monsters

I’ve downloaded about every age appropriate demo game for our PSPs and have been playing Pixel Junk Monsters quite  a bit lately.  The demo only has two levels, but you can play them multiple times trying to beat your score and getting better weapons/towers.

Doodle 733 – Patchwork Heroes

February 17, 2011

Doodle 733 - Patchwork Heroes

One of the best games that we’ve bought for our PSPs is Patchwork Heroes.  You play a band of people getting dropped off on flying fortresses, and then having to saw them to pieces before they reach your town.  It only has 30 levels, but for $10, it was worth it and definitely has replay value.

Doodle 726 – Angry Birds

February 10, 2011

Doodle 726 - Angry Birds

I just bought the Angry Birds game for our PSPs so I probably could have made a much better doodle, but that would have taken time away from flinging birds.

Doodle 714 – LEGO Rock Band

January 29, 2011

Doodle 714 - LEGO Rock Band

We found LEGO Rock Band on sale at the LEGO store the other day, but we only have Guitar Hero istruments for our Wii.  After finding many accounts on the internet that our instruments would work, plus the game developer’s website, I went back and bought it.  The boys and I were rocking our bricks off for the rest of the day!

Doodle 686 – uDraw Doodles

January 1, 2011

uDraw Doodle - Rabbit

uDraw Doodle - Robot

One of the things the boys got for Christmas was the uDraw system for the Wii, so I  thought I would give it a try for today’s doodle.  Since it’s the year of the rabbit, that was the first thing I tried.  I wasn’t the happiest with the results so I started a robot doodle, but then mostly gave up on it.  Overall, I think it’s a fun toy for the kids and is super easy to use, but doesn’t really stand up to either of my Wacom tablets.

Doodle 680 – Epic Mickey

December 26, 2010

Doodle 680 - Epic Mickey

One of the things our oldest son got for Christmas was the Wii game Epic Mickey, which he has been having a lot of fun playing today.  This is my horrible attempt to sketch the reverse version of the scrappy looking Mickey from the cover.

Doodle 665 – De Blob

December 11, 2010

Doodle 665 - De Blob

Today I caught one of the boys playing De Blob on the Wii, which is a great kinetic game about splashing paint all over the city, and features a great soundtrack that changes with the shade your painting.

Doodle 660 – Duplo Mario

December 6, 2010

Doodle 660 - Duplo Mario

Today, I caught sight of the box of Duplo blocks in the living room, and wanting to try to do a bitmap doodle I decided on classic Mario.

Doodle 645 – Red X

November 21, 2010

Doodle 645 - Red X

Today, the boys spent most of the morning playing with their cousins.  One of the games that they were playing was this Teen Titans battling game, which had Red X as one of the playable characters.  I always thought he was always one of the best characters fromt that show…

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