Any requests?  Somedays I have to scratch my head for ideas.  I can’t promise I’ll doodle every one (if I get any), but who knows.

89 Responses to “Requests?”

  1. Says:

    Look man, I’m sorry
    after the last 2, i will cut you some slack with something different

  2. Jimmy McKee Says:

    ^ ^

  3. Jimmy McKee Says:

    Now um, about my other requests? ^^

  4. Nate Says:

    How about a genetically modified frog with kangaroo legs and boxing gloves

  5. Lorenzo Nichols Says:

    If possible, please contact me as soon as possible. I love the drawings that I see on your page and wanted to know if you’d be interested in an opportunity.

  6. Morgan Bell Says:

    Could you do like a marvel battle scene??? Like the moment right before they are in action. For example, Wolverine could be jumping in the air with his claws out or spiderman shooting out his web or something cool like that. That would be really cool!

  7. Sam Says:

    Sup Eric, Nice job with the doodles keep up the good work. Realy like the troll, caveman, and angry birds and PVZ ones those are great. Good job. :)

  8. Jackie Says:

    Is there a way you can morph an anteater as wolverine?
    or anything cool with an anteater, say for like red cross? :)

  9. sociallyfitblog Says:

    Can you doodle someone practicing yoga?

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