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Doodle 646 – El Dorado Armadillo

November 22, 2010

Doodle 646 - El Dorado Armadillo

One of the movies that the boys like to watch every time we’re home is The Road to El Dorado, which we don’t have at home.  I always thought the little armadillo from that movie was funny, though I still refuse to believe that armadillos are really…

Doodle 61 – Piccadillo

April 16, 2009
Doodle 61 - Piccadillo

Doodle 61 - Piccadillo

A few of us went out to lunch today at Piccadilly.  Our server was this really nice guy who kept checking on us the whole time.  The name made me think of this little dude, which is something close to the crazy guy from Ice Age 2.

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