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Doodle 903 – B-Boy Penguin

August 6, 2011

doodle 903 - B-Boy Penguin

We all went as a family to see Mr. Popper’s Penguin in our local discount theater tonight.  The boys had seen it when they were home this summer, but I really liked it, especially their awesome dance moves.

Doodle 346 – Blended Wing – Big Belly

January 26, 2010

Doodle 346 - Blended Wing - Big Belly

I was playing around with my new pens and my colored mechanical pencil lead today.  I’ve got to say, I’m loving the lead!  This first doodle I drew while standing in a hallway with the Micron brush pen so my lines are a little rough.

cigar break

The monkey i used the same brush pen, but was able to sit down so it came out a little better.


The b-boy, I got no idea where he came from.  Same pencil but using the Micron 01 and 08.

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