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Doodle 888 – Brush Pen Hotrod

July 22, 2011

doodle 888 - Brush Pen Hotrod

Today I decided to get out the old brush pen and draw something with it.  I finally decided on an old 30’s hotrod and I really like how it came out.  It always the happy little accidents that come out of using the pen that I like the best.


Doodle 804 – LEGO Roadster 2

April 29, 2011

doodle 804 - LEGO Roadster 2

I liked the little roadster we built yesterday so much, that I started another one when I was playing with the boys after work today.  This one is a storm trooper police enforcer, determined to catch one of those reckless rebel speeders.

Doodle 803 – LEGO Roadster

April 27, 2011

doodle 803 - LEGO Roadster

My son has been really into building LEGO cars lately and he asked me to build one with him, so this was the little roadster I came up with.  Here are a few of his sweet rides.

Doodle 768 – Old Car

March 24, 2011

Doodle 768 - Old Car

My youngest son was flipping through one of his Hot Wheels coloring books, and asked me to draw an old car.  I wish I had more time to doodle something better, but this is what I came up with.

Doodle 743 – LEGO Car v.3

February 27, 2011

Doodle 743 - LEGO v.3

Never one to leave good enough alone, I decided to rework the LEGO car one last time before tearing it apart.  I went with a little more complicated gearing to get more top end speed while trying to keep the overall build cleaner then the previous two.

Doodle 741 – LEGO Bumper Car

February 25, 2011

Doodle 741 - LEGO Bumper Car

I was playing around with the dargster I built the other day and decided to make a bi directional bumper car.  The top bumpers are rigged to the switch so it will just bounce back and forth between anything it hits.

Doodle 469 – Monkey Derby

May 29, 2010

Doodle 469 - Monkey Derby

I always wish that I could draw awesome things with all these little neat details, but I can never come up with them.  This idea was way cooler in my head, but when I got it down on paper, it still feels really plain.

Doodle 236 – Car Keys

October 8, 2009
Doodle 236 - Car Keys

Doodle 236 - Car Keys

I inadvertently took all our sets of keys to work with me today, effectively trapping my wife in the house all day.  She’s likes to run errands throughout the day so she was not too pleased to be at home all day.

Doodle 171 – Car Repairs

August 4, 2009
Doodle 171 - Car Repairs

Doodle 171 - Car Repairs

One of our friend’s car was spewing antifreeze, so I stripped everything down to the intake manifold, replaced some gaskets, and reassembled only to find it was a pinhole in the manifold itself.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to replace that on this trip home, so they got some sealant stuff to see if it will hold.

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