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Doodle 898 – HHR

August 1, 2011

doodle 898 - HHR

We finally got to drop the van off to get the rear-end fixed today so I ended up getting a Chevy HHR for a rental.  It’s really squat and the rear pillars are pretty hard to see around, but I do like the styling.


Doodle 490 – Fixing My Truck

June 19, 2010

Doodle 490 - Fixing My Truck

For Father’s day weekend, I finally got my ’86 Chevy Pickup running again.  She needed a new carburetor and the gas in the tank needed to get siphoned out.  I was giddy as a little kid when she started up again.  I got this truck 15 years ago in high-school, and have no intentions of getting rid of it.  She ain’t that pretty, but I still love her!  The boys love going for rides in her too!

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