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Doodle 617 – Fort Roof

October 24, 2010

Doodle 617 - Fort Roof

I had a little time this today so I ripped the old roof off the boys fort and built a new one with all the sturdy sticks and limbs that have been falling lately.  The old one was starting to sag a bit.

Doodle 362 – Snow Fort Plans

February 11, 2010

Doodle 362 - Snow Fort Plans

The boys and I were having fun relocating all the snow we’ve gotten lately, so here’s what I think we’ll eventually end up with.  The Main fort is dug out and Tower 1 and 2 are dug with the tunnels connecting.  One of the boys friends started the cave, and I should be down with most everything else tomorrow.

Doodle 343 – New Fort

January 23, 2010

Doodle 343 - New Fort

Today my wife made this silly statement to the effect of “You should go outside with the boys and make another fort.”  Well, that sure did it.  After picking a group of trees about 15-20 feet from the existing fort (3 walls, vine roof, and swing) I set to work making more of a two wall firing position.  One of those two walls is about 12-15 feet which had me going pretty far into the woods to find felled trees long enough to span it.  I got most of it done, but wouldn’t mind adding another log or two on each side.  I’ll have to take a picture when it’s all done and tied together.

At least when the boys play now it won’t be those protected by the fort against those out in the open.

Doodle 28 – Fort

March 14, 2009
Doodle 28 - Fort

Doodle 28 - Fort

The kids decided we needed to build a fort in the backyard, so after dragging every dead tree we could find behind the house, they now have one.  (it looks nothing like this)

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