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Doodle 751 – My Son’s Grievous

March 7, 2011

My Son's Grievous

This was a drawing my 10 year old did of General Grievous after watching the original Clone Wars cartoons.  He asked if I would put it up on the blog which I was more then happy to do.  I thought I’d draw the good general myself today, but putting those arms to better use.

Doodle 751 - Grievous Can Cook

Doodle 342 – Ahsoka Tano

January 22, 2010

Doodle 342 - Ahsoka Tano

Tonight’s Star Wars episode was about Ahsoka losing her lightsaber and seemed rife with chances for her to get it back rather simply using the force, but then what would the do for the other 18 minutes of the episode?

This doodle is really just a lame excuse/preface to put up this silly picture I took.  I put General Grievous’ head from the original Clone Wars cartoons character on Yoda’s body.  It was almost a perfect fit!

Grievous Yoda

Grievous Yoda

Doodle 322 – Grievous Ice Cream

January 2, 2010

Doodle 322 - Grievous Ice Cream

Today we watched the hour long Star Wars episode from last night that focused on General Grievous.  I have to admit it’s pretty sweet when he whips out all four light sabers.  I was wondering what else he could use all those arms for, so I made him into a scary ice cream man.  Almost as scary as those ghetto looking vans you see rolling around covered in stickers.

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