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Doodle 980 – Hammer Head

October 22, 2011

Doodle 980 - Hammer Head

Today we decided to disassemble our forts in the woods behind our house and help the new family across the street build their own fort with them.  We figured that they’d probably just get ripped apart if we left them behind when we moved and the new kids on the street will get a few more years of enjoyment out of the wood.  When I found this wooden hammer, I had to use it, and the name was just a dumb play on words.

Doodle 933 – Quick Face

September 5, 2011

doodle 933 - quick face

Tonight our 7 year old wanted to try and draw on the computer like I do, so this is a little doodle I did while showing him how to use the stylus and mypaint.  He ended up drawing a whole bunch of stuff, but was the proudest of “the best arm he’s ever drawn.”  Nice job little man.

g arm

Doodle 821 – Thor

May 16, 2011

doodle 821 - Thor

Today after we sent the kids off to school we took my wife’s parents to a movie and lunch.  Her dad and I saw Thor and the ladies went and saw some girly schmutz.  I thought Thor was really good, especially with the iffy production photos I’d seen months before.  Thank you Kenneth Branagh for a great Comic based movie!

Doodle 166 – Thor

July 30, 2009
Doodle 166 - Thor

Doodle 166 - Thor

For unknown reasons, I thought of this profile view of Thor and had to doodle it up.  I totally ran out of room on the paper which explains why the hammer is so small, but not why I drew it freakishly lopsided.  This is just one of those mistakes I couldn’t figure out how to cover up after I initially inked it.

I tried to color this doodle with The GIMP instead of Inkscape.  The workflow was a lot different, but was a good exercise in digital painting.  I’ve got lots of practice ahead of me before I ever get good at this.

Doodle 166 colored in The GIMP

Doodle 166 colored in The GIMP

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