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Doodle 951 – Rio

September 23, 2011

doodle 951 - Rio

This weekend we rented the Rio Wii game for the boys, which is just a huge collection of mini games that had them bouncing off the walls tonight.


Doodle 819 – Dancing Bird

May 14, 2011

doodle 819 - Dancing Bird

I had to go into work this morning for a few hours, so my wife and her parents took the boys to see Rio again and I thought I’d doodle some random bird getting down at Carnival!

Doodle 800 – Rio

April 25, 2011

doodle 800 - Rio

We had a few extra hours today while my wife was shopping so I took the boys to see Rio, which was really funny and the boys loved it.  I liked the bird bath line from the movie.

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