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Doodle 956 – Lilo

September 28, 2011

doodle 956 - Disney Lilo

I thought I’d do a few more pencil sketches of favorite characters from Disney properties.  I’ve drawn Stitch a few times, so I thought I’d draw Lilo instead.

Doodle 568 – Stitch Beast

September 5, 2010

Doodle 568 - Stitch Beast

Today I was thinking about How to Train Your Dragon, so I went to IMDB to look up it’s DVD release date.  Amazingly I learned that Chris Sanders was one of the directors, which I should have known the first time I saw Toothless.  Anywho, I ended up doodling up a mean looking Stitch, though I didn’t look up any reference, so he’s not quite right.

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