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Doodle 875 – Thor

July 9, 2011

doodle 875 - Thor

Busy day, horrible doodle.  Sorry Thor, you deserve better…

Doodle 821 – Thor

May 16, 2011

doodle 821 - Thor

Today after we sent the kids off to school we took my wife’s parents to a movie and lunch.  Her dad and I saw Thor and the ladies went and saw some girly schmutz.  I thought Thor was really good, especially with the iffy production photos I’d seen months before.  Thank you Kenneth Branagh for a great Comic based movie!

Doodle 166 – Thor

July 30, 2009
Doodle 166 - Thor

Doodle 166 - Thor

For unknown reasons, I thought of this profile view of Thor and had to doodle it up.  I totally ran out of room on the paper which explains why the hammer is so small, but not why I drew it freakishly lopsided.  This is just one of those mistakes I couldn’t figure out how to cover up after I initially inked it.

I tried to color this doodle with The GIMP instead of Inkscape.  The workflow was a lot different, but was a good exercise in digital painting.  I’ve got lots of practice ahead of me before I ever get good at this.

Doodle 166 colored in The GIMP

Doodle 166 colored in The GIMP

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