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Doodle 951 – Rio

September 23, 2011

doodle 951 - Rio

This weekend we rented the Rio Wii game for the boys, which is just a huge collection of mini games that had them bouncing off the walls tonight.

Doodle 686 – uDraw Doodles

January 1, 2011

uDraw Doodle - Rabbit

uDraw Doodle - Robot

One of the things the boys got for Christmas was the uDraw system for the Wii, so I  thought I would give it a try for today’s doodle.  Since it’s the year of the rabbit, that was the first thing I tried.  I wasn’t the happiest with the results so I started a robot doodle, but then mostly gave up on it.  Overall, I think it’s a fun toy for the kids and is super easy to use, but doesn’t really stand up to either of my Wacom tablets.

Doodle 680 – Epic Mickey

December 26, 2010

Doodle 680 - Epic Mickey

One of the things our oldest son got for Christmas was the Wii game Epic Mickey, which he has been having a lot of fun playing today.  This is my horrible attempt to sketch the reverse version of the scrappy looking Mickey from the cover.

Doodle 405 – Stormtrooper Mii

March 26, 2010

Doodle 405 - Stormtrooper Mii

Tonight I got to play some Wii sports with my father-in-law while the ladies were playing cards.  I gave me an excuse to try out this stormtrooper Mii idea I saw on the internet.  Now I just need to play him a lot to build up his stats.

Doodle 141 – Game Party (Wii)

July 5, 2009
Doodle 141 - Game Party (Wii)

Doodle 141 - Game Party (Wii)

We were lucky to have some friends from MA stay with us for the fourth and we had the best seats for the fireworks last night.  They also got us a new Wii game, Game Party, which has a bunch of fun little games.

Doodle 50 – Rubik’s Cube

April 5, 2009
Doodle 50 - Rubik's Cube

Doodle 50 - Rubik's Cube

The boys and I played Rubik’s world for the Wii today.

Doodle 45 – Mario Kart

March 31, 2009
doodle 45 sketch

doodle 45 sketch

The boys and I played Mario Kart for awhile tonight, before they had to go to bed.  I’m still pretty horrible at battling.

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